Contract Support

Copperwater Consulting provides expertise in the full cycle of contracting.  

Services include:


A proposal or quote is a document that is designed to persuade an organization to buy a product or service.  We help you prepare and organize your proposal as you respond to an RFI, RFQ, RFP, and Sources Sought.  We help ensure you are qualified to respond; compliant in your response and in accordance with instructions and due dates.






A Compliance Review is a comprehensive review of contract and grant documents identifying mandatory and optional response requirements, helping to ensure a compliant, responsive submission. Also helping to determine GO-NOGO decisions.

We conduct pre-proposal compliance reviews for RFI, RFQ, RFP, and Sources Sought.  We generate a list that contains the minimum information that must be provided to be compliant.  We also conduct pre-submission compliance reviews.  Providing a final review of your response/proposal prior to submitting to the government, helping to ensure all mandatory responses and artifacts are included.


Principal consulting is when a senior member of a consultancy firm takes a lead role in a consulting project and may direct a team of junior consultants. Our CEO serves as principal consultant for contract and grant management projects.