Government Contracting

Copperwater Consulting provides consulting and training in all phases of contracting.  

Services include:


Our one-on-one coaching model provides education and mentorship to government contractors competing for government contracts. Participants in the coaching program will gain in depth understanding of the government market and clear direction on how to properly navigate, operate and improve as a government contractor. 

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Do you have a burning question about a request for quotation (RFQ)? Do you need advice on how to sell your product or service to the government, and what agency to sell it to? Do you need help in understanding how to respond to the government Contracting Officer? A Strategy Call is the solution for you.

Strategy calls are designed to give government contractors the answers and direction they need to successfully execute their project and cut red tape when competing for government contracts.

This service includes a Zoom or phone call discussing any business topic of your choice in the field of government contracting.

Steps to get Started
Step 1:  Choose coaching package (30, 60, 90, 120 minutes or One-on-one)
Step 2: Pay online via credit card or PayPal
Step 3: Receive email from Copperwater scheduling Zoom/phone call
Step 4: Schedule call on calendar
Step 5: Hold the call on scheduled day and time

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