Grant Writing Support

Copperwater Consulting provides grant writing support in the areas of:

Retainer Services include:


Grant research is the systematic investigation into and study of artifacts, resources and sources in order to establish facts and conclusions regarding research and grant funding, to include:  Foundation Grants, Corporate Grants, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR), Other Transaction Authority (OTA), and other funding vehicles.

We help you find a grant that's right for you!


Grant writing is completing an application and preparing the necessary documents needed in order to secure grant funding provided by an institution such as a foundation, government agency, corporation or trust that awards funding to eligible nonprofits.

We help you prepare, write and organize your grant response!


Grant submittal is the process of submitting your grant application and required artifacts to a public or private organization for the purpose of securing grant funding .  A Compliance Review is a comprehensive review of grant documents identifying mandatory and optional response requirements, helping to ensure a compliant, responsive submission.

We conduct a 'pre-submission' compliance review which provides a final review of your grant proposal; helping to ensure all mandatory responses and items are included. 

We help you submit your grant proposal and ensure the submission is compliant and timely!


Grant Management is the process and methods used to identify prospective funders, track the success of proposals, monitor the progress of each grant, and gather information required for success.

We provide grant management and strategic planning in the pursuit of grant funding!