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Analysis of Contracting Options

Analysis of Contracting Options

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Copperwater Consulting's GovCon Exploratory Call gives you a chance to ask your most important questions about government contracting, and get the answers you need to grow your business. Together, you and Troy will analyze your contracting options by discussing your questions and topics of interest, and creating a contracting action plan as a result.

The GovCon Exploratory Call is for small business contractors and startups who are new to government contracting, have fewer than 5 employees, and looking for understanding in how the government contracting process works.

Pricing includes a video or phone call discussing your options in government contracting and path to success. 

Steps to get Started
Step 1:  Follow the link to the GovCon Exploratory Call (30 minutes)
Step 2: Pay securely online via credit card or PayPal
Step 3: Receive email from Troy Small scheduling your Zoom call
Step 4: Schedule call on calendar
Step 5: Hold the call on scheduled day and time

The GovCon Exploratory call is an introductory call for first time clients.