Government Contracting 4x4 Training


Copperwater Consulting's Government Contracting 4x4 Training is designed for teams and individuals who are looking for clarity and a deeper understanding of government contracting and acquisition. The GovCon 4x4 training program provides in-depth knowledge and insight into the contracting process and helps you make better decisions that lead to success. Participants gain in depth understanding of the government buying process and why contracting officers do the things they do. 

The course consists of four (4) weeks of one-hour training sessions with cohort, and four (4) weekly individual one-on-one calls with Troy.

  • Live Video Discussion and Interaction
  • 4-weeks of Training, including 4 Knowledge Blocks
  • Four Weekly 30-minute Coaching Calls with Troy
  • Work on Real Projects
  • Pursue Real Opportunities

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