Service Options

Corporate Training

  • We provide expert training, workshops, and seminars that focus on elements of government contracting, small business compliance and growth, and grant writing. Our goal is to help government agencies, small business, and entrepreneurs improve their execution and elevate performance, resulting in organizational growth.
  • In-person and Virtual Training Options
  • Hourly, daily, and workshop options are available

 Business and Professional Services 

Copperwater Consulting provides Government Contracting and Grant Writing services in the form of consultation, business support and professional services to small business clients, entrepreneurs, and government agencies.  

 Service Options for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Troy provides Consultation in the following areas of support:

  • Business Ideation
  • Business Planning
  • Strategy and Milestone Development
  • Veteran-Owned Business Certification & Strategy 
  • Women-Owned Business Certification & Strategy
  • Disadvantaged Business Certification & Strategy
  • Government Contracting Certification
  • Crash Course in Government Contracting
  • Federal, State, and Local Contracting Strategy
  • Training Classes and Professional Development
  • Purchasing, Contracting, and Acquisition Training to Government Agencies
  • One-on-one Mentoring in Topic of Client's Choice

Full Range of Service Offerings

Government Contracting Consulting

Copperwater Consulting provides advice, guidance, and support to clients seeking to do business with government agencies. We help our clients navigate the complex processes, regulations, and requirements involved in securing and managing government contracts. Our support to clients include assistance with proposal preparation, compliance with procurement rules, understanding government contracting procedures, negotiating terms and conditions, and ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Small Business Consulting
Copperwater Consulting provides business advice, guidance, and support to small business clients to help them improve their operations, efficiency, and profitability. We offer our clients a range of consultation services tailored to the needs of micro and small businesses, which may include compliance, strategic planning, expansion to new markets, marketing strategies, operational improvements, organizational development, and technology implementation.

Grant Research, Writing, and Management
Copperwater Consulting provides grant research, writing, and management services to clients who qualify. Grant management encompasses the processes involved in identifying, applying for, and effectively managing grants. 

Copperwater Consulting systematically identifies potential funding opportunities
that align with a client’s mission, projects, or initiatives. We gather information
about grant-making organizations, foundations, government agencies, and other
entities that provide funding. Copperwater Consulting assesses eligibility criteria,
funding priorities, application deadlines, and requirements to determine which
grants are suitable for pursuit.

Copperwater Consulting helps our clients prepare compelling grant proposals or
applications to secure funding. Copperwater Consulting helps our clients craft
narratives that clearly articulate the organization’s goals, objectives, activities, and
expected outcomes. We help the client to effectively communicate the need for
funding, demonstrate how the proposed project aligns with the funder’s priorities,
and present a well-structured budget that justifies the requested funding amount.

Copperwater Consulting helps our clients with Grant Management and ensure they understand the importance of compliance with the grant award document. Specifically, we help ensure that funds are used in accordance with the grant agreement and that project goals are achieved. We assist clients and oversee the implementation of funded projects, monitor progress, track expenditures, ensure compliance with reporting requirements, and maintain communication with the grant-making organization or agency.

Acquisition Training and Development
Copperwater Consulting provides federal acquisition training and development to
government acquisition personnel and clients engaged with federal government
contracting. We provide training to government acquisition personnel and industry
personnel with the goal of equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and
competencies necessary to effectively manage the acquisition lifecycle, from needs identification and requirements development to contract negotiation and post-award contract management.

Purchasing and Contracting Training and Development
Copperwater Consulting provides purchasing and contracting training and
development to government procurement personnel and clients engaged with State and local contracting agencies. We provide clients with a systematic process of educating and enhancing the skills of professionals involved in procurement, purchasing, and contract management within organizations. Our training and development aims to equip individuals with the knowledge, tools, and competencies necessary to effectively handle the procurement of goods and services and management of resulting contractual agreements.

Program/Project Management Support
Copperwater Consulting provides Program/Project Management (PM) Support to
clients through a range of activities and services designed to assist organizations in the effective management and execution of programs/projects. Our PM services provide the necessary administrative, logistical, and technical support to ensure that programs are completed on time, within scope, and within budget.

Contract Management Support
Copperwater Consulting provides Contract Management (CM) support services and activities involved in overseeing and administering contracts throughout their
lifecycle, from negotiation and execution to performance monitoring and contract
closeout. Our CM support services help our clients ensure that contractual
obligations are met, risks are mitigated, and relationships between contracting
parties are managed effectively.

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