Do you have a burning question about a request for quotation (RFQ)? Do you need advice on how to sell your product or service, and who to sell it to? Do you need help in understanding how to respond to the government Contracting Officer? A Strategy Call is the solution for you.

Strategy calls are designed to give small business and veteran-owned small business the data, analytics and strategic planning they need to maneuver with confidence and success when competing for government contracts. We give you an understanding and viewpoint from the government's position, which helps you to make better, more quality decisions.

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Our coaching model provides mentorship, strategy and advice in the Government Contracting space. We identify strong suites in the person, organization, and approach and help develop a plan to reach their goals. Participants in the coaching program will gain renewed purpose and direction in the development of their business in their pursuit for government contracts.

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If you're looking for understanding and an edge in government contracting, then our training model is for you.  We lean on 26 years of contracting and program management experience to provide you with relative and engaging contracts training.

The training modules are designed for government contractors who compete for and are building their business by competing for contracts.  

  • Live video training 
  • Work on real projects
  • Pursue real opportunities
  • Free Coaching and Mentoring 

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