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Providing top notch consultation in Government Contracting, Small Business Growth, Grant Writing and Management Get help now!


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Over 27 Years

Decades of successful performance and execution in guiding and helping government personnel and small business owners who do not understand the government contracting process. I have successfully helped non-English speakers in foreign lands. I can help you too.

Troy A. Small, MBA

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If your looking to better understand government contracts, Troy is a great resource. I met him for a consultation, and was impressed by his knowledge and understanding of the processes. If you’re just getting started in government contracting, let him know!

Robin C.

I felt compelled to share my experience working with Troy.  
Immediately after speaking with Troy, I knew he was the right person to help me with this solicitation. Over the last couple weeks, he has produced nothing short of exemplary work, provided valuable insight and presented quality material to use in our response. 

Eric F.

As an impactful leader and mentor, Troy has provided me with great insight during my career...To this day, that wisdom, has made an impactful difference in my life and is a crucial factor in the success I’ve achieved.

Joshua P.

I rarely come across real talent who stand out like Troy...he was my Drill Instructor and I was his recruit...Troy's ability to quickly earn my respect was a direct correlation of him going above and beyond the normal call of duty to make a difference. I have since learned that this is a trait he brought to the Corps and not one the Corps instilled in him. His attention to detail, commitment to success, and proper level of patience in very tense moments was class act...

Bryan B.

During the fall of 2018, my company, Existential Technologies, developer of sleep technologies, hired Copper Water Consulting to assist with the development and submission of a grant proposal for the US Army. The proposal value was $2 million with significant requirements and very short timelines. The Army was looking for a sleep solution and our company was identified as a potential candidate. In the past, we had used in-house resources to generate proposals, but on this occasion, we needed the highest level of service to ensure that our proposal was considered for this grant. Troy and Copperwater Consulting was recommended to me by Mike Hayden, famous for creating “The Basement” at the University of California San Diego. I had also seen Troy on the Villain Crusher television show and heard about his great work ethic. It turns out Troy is an extremely high-level contracts manager. He spent 20 years in the Marine Corps where he was a Contracts Officer. He knew the language, structure, formats, requirements, and other fine aspects of the contracts process. He knew what the contract manager would be looking for and what would get our proposal approved. His level of detail was remarkable as there were pieces to the puzzle that I was unaware existed. Troy quickly identified these and made the appropriate adjustments. The proposal for the US Army had an extremely tight timeline and I was concerned that we would not be able to perform in time. Troy sat in on our team meeting and immediately got to work. He explained the process that was likely to occur, what was important, and what we could wait on to pursue. He taught my team what needed to happen to be successful. We then went back and forth day after day, constructing, reviewing, and editing the 29 page proposal that would eventually be submitted. Truth be told, I was beginning to get overwhelmed with the level of detail the proposal would require. I failed to have all the documents ready for the submission until the last hour. Troy did not leave my side, but stayed with me until 5am the following morning making sure that my proposal was submitted without errors. For that, I will be eternally in his debt. My personal experience working with Troy was one of respect, humility, communication and performance. Troy was very responsive from the first encounter. He took the time to get to know my team and spend time with us. There was never a sour word to come from his mouth; only professionalism. The quality and caliber of human being that we are speaking of is in the top 1% in the world. I have not had the opportunity to work with many people like Troy. I consider him a friend, colleague, and business partner. After the successful submission of my proposal, I have been scouring DOD announcements for the opportunity to partner with Troy on another proposal. If considering consult for the purpose of contracts, especially government related, I would strongly recommend Troy Small and Copperwater consultin

Robert S.

Meeting the Copperwater Consulting Inc., team was the answer to our RFP needs. Working with a company that has experience with working on both sides of the spectrum made absolute sense. They are now a major asset to my business for Federal, State and City Contracts.

Carroll E.