GovCon Consultant & Small Business Advocate

Troy A. Small is owner and President of Copperwater Consulting:

My name is Troy Small. I am a Government Contracting Consultant and Coach. I use my experience as a USMC Contracting Officer to teach small business owners how to compete for government contracts and develop their business by doing business with the government.

As an Active-Duty US Marine, I served 15 of my 20 years of service as a Contingency Contracting Officer. Government Contracting Officers are responsible for procuring goods and services on behalf of their customers and Stakeholders. During my Marine Corps career, I helped thousands of small and large businesses to compete for and manage their government contracts by serving as their contracting officer and military business advisor. From Quantico, Virginia, to San Diego, California, to Falluja, Iraq, I have provided business advice, contract support and leadership to government contractors and military stakeholders.

Following my Marine Corps retirement in 2009, I worked as civilian Consultant with SRA International in San Diego, CA. I provided Contract Administration and Management support to the US Navy for three years in this role.

Following my consultant role with SRA in 2012, I worked six years as a Navy acquisition program manager with Program Executive Office – C4I, SPAWAR, San Diego. In this role I provided contracting and business advice to Program Managers and Engineers; and managed the contracting portfolio of Major Defense Acquisition Programs and Major Automated Information Systems, to include CANES and ADNS.

In 2017 I formed Copperwater Consulting Inc. as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned small business (SDVOSB) to provide business consulting to small business owners who compete for government contracts. It has always been my dream to own a business and use my knowledge and experience as a contracting officer to help small businesses to win government contracts. This is my attempt at my dream.

My vision is to help small business owners create jobs and opportunity for their communities, and generational wealth for themselves and their families. To do this, I am on a mission to register 10,000 small businesses with their State and Federal government. The US Federal government is one of the largest spenders in the world, awarding over $145 Billion to small businesses in fiscal year 2020. I want to help small business owners get their piece of this pie.